First and foremost, we believe high-quality homes don’t have to come with an exorbitant price tag. We want to make today’s housing market more accessible and affordable for everyday buyers.

How? Good question.

We see many property developers putting the cart before the horse. In other words, they build luxury residences in high-profile locations, and look around to see who has the means to buy them. We think this approach is contrary to the buyer’s interests.

It leads to an affordability gap. We believe good design and lasting value isn’t something that should cost a fortune.

Our approach is to work backwards by setting the price for our homes before they’re even designed. This way, we can address what buyers want, rather than asking what they can afford. For most people, their prerequisites are price, position and potential. We call it the golden trifecta of investment success.

So we select an up-and-coming suburb that promises a great lifestyle as well as good long-term growth, and design a home that sits within a reasonable price range. It’s not always easy achieving good design at affordable prices but we enjoy finding solutions that are both innovative and economical.

Our vision is to make well-designed, contemporary homes available to everyone – not just the affluent. We’re out to prove that it’s possible to combine beautiful design with doable prices. Working towards a set price is the hardest part of what we do but it’s also the most important.

Meet our team

Wendy Jeng


I have a decade worth of experience in property acquisition, development, sales, marketing and corporate advisory. I consider myself a do-er; driven to help people understand what they want or need out of the property market. I genuinely believe ‘home’ is not just a place where you hang your proverbial hat, it’s somewhere that you bring all the different aspects of your personality to life. When I’m not overseeing Convene’s design process, I enjoy the mountains, particularly snowboarding and hiking.

Milz Bosevski


I’ve been working in property and construction in 1999, when I joined the family business, Boscon Development. Since then, I’ve acquired a wealth of market knowledge and industry experience. In my opinion, the most important aspect of property design is quality. Quality sells itself. Quality takes effort and patience, and can’t be mistaken for anything else. Beyond work, I have a passion for food, and I see parallels between the property industry and dining out: people just want a good-quality meal at an affordable price. It’s that simple

Mario Bosevski

Executive Board Member

I started in building and construction at the tender age of 19, overseeing sub-contractors on site and ensuring our company recruited the best tradesmen and suppliers. I developed a keen eye for cost savings with no shortcuts and have spent the last 30 years honing my honest and fair approach in property construction – relationship goes a long way in this industry. I enjoy spending time with my family and negotiating deals – though usually not at the same time.